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Creative Services

Opportunities for businesses to connect with audiences have never been greater. The traditional media universe has expanded: first with the advent of the online channel, and now across a dazzling array of new devices available right at our fingertips.

But just as the number of channels to deliver messages has multiplied, the way people consume messages has shifted.

The question today is: how do you seize your share of attention in the diverse and greatly-expanded media environment – how do you command the channels?

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Creative Services


BlueRush has launched some the country’s largest and most successful digital campaigns
and behind each of those successes is our digital strategy.

Our creative directors work closely with each client,
connecting the dots between traditonal communication, and the world of digital marketing and media.

A cornerstone of BlueRush Creative Services is our award-winning rich media video productions.

Rich media with its video, audio, animation and graphics has repeatedly proven to be a superior way to engage audiences.

It helps viewers to more easily understand and retain complex information, and it helps motivate them to take action.

Once a viewer has been engaged, we personalize the experience by adding tools, calculators, and games.

On the distribution side, our work in social media has been widely acclaimed and has received a number of recognitions and awards.

Our productions provide a high quality digital media experience that has consistently helped to make BlueRush client sites
the most viewed and impactful sites in their industry.


Strategy Development

All of our award-winning campaigns, tools, videos and platforms share great strategy as their launchpoint. We are experts in working with your creative or lending our own to develop strategies which get your ideas, tools and products where they need to be.

Manulife One Interactive Website

One of Canada’s great digital media success stories, the Manulife One website incorporates a strategy that has become a hallmark of BlueRush’s work.

First, engage the audience with a powerful, easy to understand rich media video explaining how the product works. Then the audience is invited to try it for themselves by calculating their own Manulife One number, representing how much money they will save using the product.

The result is a clean flow and high conversion rate.

McGill University Health Centre H1N1 (MUHC)

BlueRush built a website for the MUHC to relieve stress on the system and allow staff to focus on affected patients while directing public inquiries to the website for prevention, screening and other tips.

The Result: The site generated about 4,000 unique visitors daily. The rich media segments were requested by and posted on the websites of major Canadian news media corporations, including and, as well on in the United States and numerous educational institutions in both Canada and the USA.

Interactivity Design

Delight your customers and visitors with intuitive, engaging experiences – let BlueRush design and tune the user experience to keep people moving and motivated when interacting with your brand.

Cold FX viral video (Canada Winter Game)

BlueRush created a viral video “Athlete of the Year” campaign using interactive and customizable rich media.

The video allowed users to input a friend or family member’s name so that name would appear throughout the video in a variety of fun and innovative ways. The completed video could then be sent out by the user directly from the site, using email and social media.

MBNA Credit Card Selector Interactive Application

BlueRush designed and developed the MBNA Credit Card Selector using rich media, 3D animations and easy-to-navigate steps.

In 2011, this project won the Best Bank Interactive Application award at the Internet Advertising Competition.

Rich Media Video Production

Award-winning video production positions BlueRush, and our clients, at the forefront of interactive video. With BlueRush rich media video production, your business benefits from motion graphics that seize attention and communicate vividly to viewers. Whether broadcast-quality or HD, our seasoned team makes you look great; exceeding your viewers’ expectations.

Manulife Help My Savings Last

Not being financially prepared for retirement is a hot-button topic, as more people find themselves in this situation.

Incorporating green screen technology, dynamically changing environments and 3-D effects, these case studies help viewers understand how important Product Allocation is to creating a sustainable retirement income.

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Online Psychiatry CHE

BlueRush has been a key driver in raising the visual bar for continuing medical education through superior visual storytelling and interactive assessment features.

These modules are a compelling way to reach out to this dispersed medical network to allow them to meet certification and continuing education requirements. The video material was augmented by an automated glossary, response-sensitive digital Q&A and integrated clinical papers.

Tool & Calculator Development

If you are useful, they will come. Unique features attract attention and generate buzz – and BlueRush is an award-winning innovator. We strategize to create online tools and calculators on platforms that break through to grab your customers’ attention and imagination.

Manulife RSQ Calculator

BlueRush developed a tool which harnesses the power of a unique retirement income planning algorithm to allow advisors to assess the sustainability of client retirement income plans, and suggest customized options to optimize sustainability.

The tool was placed within a dedicated site which provides context, collateral and support for the application. While the tool has the sophistication to show results from multiple possible scenarios, its simple interface and easy-to-read customized client reports make it extremely user-friendly.

CIBC RRSP calculator

CIBC wanted key calculators on their main website to have greater visual impact and immediacy.

BlueRush created a large suite of calculators that show dynamic results as information is entered. Viewers wondering which type of bank loan is right for them see highly visual charts helping them make their decision.

Interactive Banners

Compelling and beautiful banners drive results – your ideas deserve banners that attract and engage. Our creative is not an interruption, but a magnet for attention that offers viewers a reason to interact with your brand and offerings – to become your customers.


BlueRush produced a site landing page which includes a commercial-quality introduction video and interactive banners.

We also provided a way for site visitors to take health-related polls, including an easy-to-use, interactive “symptom checker” to help identify and distinguish between cold and flu symptoms. This project won the 2011 award for Best Pharmaceuticals Rich Media Online Campaign in the Internet Advertising Competition.

MBNA SmartCash Interactive Banners, Online and Mobile Campaign

BlueRush designed and developed a microsite with elements that integrate seamlessly with an offline campaign.

The site includes a rich media online video to explain the SmartCash card’s value proposition, banner ads, and an online calculator which site visitors can use to estimate potential savings from using the SmartCash card. Mobile versions of these elements, including the video and the calculator, were also created. In 2011, this application was recognized as the Best Bank Rich Media Online Campaign by the Internet Advertising Competition.

Social Media Integration

Word of mouth remains among the most powerful influences in marketing. BlueRush has extensive expertise in weaving together contests, blogs and videos for maximum exposure and appeal, to the broadest possible audience. Let us help you "go viral!"

Cold FX Around the World Facebook contest

BlueRush produced a fun, compelling contest which drove as many as 8,000 users per day to the site during the contest and helped Afexa Life Sciences to increase the number of COLD-FX Facebook followers from 1,000 (prior to the contest launch) to 12,000 by the contest’s end.

This project was recognized as the Best Pharmaceuticals Rich Media Online Campaign in the 2011 Internet Advertising Competition awards.

Jagermeister Social Media contest

For this project, BlueRush produced applications incorporating Flash animations and leading-edge designs.

Together these elements continue to successfully capture the imagination of a hard-to-impress target group.