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Today it takes more than great content to be successful: you need solutions that allow you to distribute that content in multiple forms - online video, mobile communications, podcasts, e-newsmagazines – and in a wide array of devices and platforms - computers, Blackberries, iPhones, Android devices, iPads and more!

BlueRush developed the DigitalREACH™ suite of products to get you ready to deliver on the challenges of today.

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DigitalREACH™ Platform


Distribution with our DigitalREACH™ platform completes the communications chain.

It allows many people within an organization, or network, to distribute materials in an easy-to-use but powerful manner.

DigitalREACH™ can house all marketing and digital materials, including PDFs, videos, or any other format.

Users can send sophisticated, personalized communications, to many, or one-to-one.

Recipients see the specific materials they were sent in a sleek container,
capable of displaying all content and formats right within one window.

Each sender can track their results, so they can know if the materials they sent have been viewed.

With DigitalREACH™, your organization can finally centralize all marketing,
informational or legal documents in any format, improve efficiencies, and take communications to the next level.


The DigitalREACH™ Distribution Platform

The DigitalREACH™ content distribution platform empowers your sales force to produce their own custom media packages to target and reach distinct audiences. This award-winning marketing solution removes limitations and bottlenecks in your content distribution process – allowing you to rapidly configure and deploy PDFs, videos, e-newsletters, podcasts and more.

You’ve developed great content. You’ve selected the right team. Now give them the velocity and flexibility of the DigitalREACH™ platform and watch your marketing efforts soar.

Content library

The core of the DigitalREACH™ distribution platform is its electronic media library. The library allows your firm to centralize compliant marketing content. This can include PDFs, videos, e-newsletters – or virtually any other form of content. Users can search, sort and send content to prospects and clients right from the platform. Locating content in one platform provides a level of control not possible when content is not centralized. Your firm can ensure videos, podcasts and articles are compliant, up to brand standards – and removed upon expiry. DigitalREACH™ can also be fully integrated into controlled-access Intranets: the user only needs to log into the Intranet and user validation is done automatically via Single Sign-On (SSO) technology. No second login required! DigitalREACH™ is “content source agnostic:” this means your firm can fully leverage existing programs and content.

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With DigitalREACH™, users can send customized, sophisticated communications to many – or distribute one-to-one. The platform includes templated e-mail forms with pre-filled content which can be customized by each user. Content selected in the media library automatically generates thumbnails which appear in the e-mail. The system can make use of existing white-listed email sending infrastructure – or BlueRush can offer this service. When you use DigitalREACH™, your recipients get your materials in a professional-looking microsite which houses the selected content in a visually appealing, sophisticated manner. With DigitalREACH™, everyone within an organization can “raise the bar” on how they distribute marketing materials and communications!


In additional to leveraging the content your firm puts in the media library, many users will want to add their own third-party content to further personalize their message. If your firm enables the sending of third-party content, an effective and fast turnaround compliance workflow is a requirement. DigitalREACH™ meets this need by including compliance functionality right in the tool. Highlights of this feature include:
Compliance Queue – uploaded -third-party content goes directly into a queue for approval.
24/7 Status Check – users can check approval status at any time, reducing tedious inquiry calls.
Auto-alerts – compliance officers and users get auto-alerts at decision points along the process.
Tips & Best Practices – users can access tips to proactively avoid common compliance issues.
Archive – email activity is archived (which meets, for financial advisory firms, National Instrument 31-103, IDA By-law 29.7 and UMIR Policy 7.1 requirements).
Our compliance workflow can also be customized to meet specific firm requirements. For example, multiple compliance queues can be established to manage requests from different compliance teams within the firm.

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DigitalREACH™ can import contacts from virtually any e-mail format, CRM or email client. All imported contacts will be kept specific to their accounts and not shared with other users. The DigitalREACH™ platform also allows users to create and manage groups and lists, and can work with third-party CRM systems to sync contacts and changes between the platform and the CRM, thus eliminating the hassles of maintaining client lists in two places.

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Display of selected content

Your recipients get the materials you send in a professional-looking microsite which houses the selected content in a visually appealing, sophisticated manner. This includes a central screen area with colourful buttons to display PDFs, videos, e-newsletters, podcasts – or virtually any other form of content. The microsite is automatically loaded with the sender’s contact information, a link to reply by e-mail, and may even include a picture!

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It’s vitally important for people who are sending out marketing materials and communications for sales or other purposes to know if their content is being opened and viewed...something few senders ever know! DigitalREACH™ can track virtually every aspect of campaigns and usage, including e-mails sent and opened, which users opened them and when, what they looked at, how long they viewed the library items sent, and more. Each user can track their personal results, while a global integrated dashboard displays overall company or sector platform usage with detailed stats about user activity, campaign sends, and popular library items.

With DigitalREACH™, the ability to see how marketing materials are being used, how often, and their impact is now within your grasp.

DigitalREACH™ Mobile

For financial advisors or other sales forces frequently out of the office, DigitalREACH™ Mobile allows you to create and send customized, sophisticated communications directly from your smartphones and tablets. All marketing and other materials accessible from desktop can also be accessed for distribution on the go! You can send materials while you are with clients and prospects – rather than following up later. This makes for greater efficiency and avoids the tedium of returning to the office with a list of chores the next day.

What a leap forward in productivity!

DigitalREACH™ Mobile allows companies to easily deliver an optimal mobile experience for all internal and external communications. Content in virtually any format–including marketing materials, presentations, videos, and e-newsletters– can now use an automated delivery platform in the most effective manner for mobile delivery. DigitalREACH™ Mobile enables consumers to view rich content on any major device or platform, and is seamlessly forward-compatible with the evolution of new mobile and tablet models.